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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Transparency in the Automotive Buying Process

  The Internet has made shopping for a car much easier and less of a hassle these days. Consumers can now do their "legwork" from the comfort of the recliner, at poolside, or on a smart device virtually from anywhere. They can now visit a myriad of sites-the manufacturers, the dealers, and even pro-consumer third party websites to find pertinent information on pricing, rebates, financing, and reviews. All this enables the consumer to narrow their choices and allows them to make informed decisions as to the vehicle they purchase, where they are going to buy it, and whom they are willing to buy it from. Gone are the days when you put the family in the "old" vehicle and drove around town  (or even further) to visit multiple dealerships looking for that perfect car at the right price. This resulted in what usually amounted to torture if not at least a lot of brain damage. Consumers were mostly in the dark as to how the process really worked and in essence were instead "worked" themselves. The end result was most often a frustrated consumer who ended up driving home in a vehicle they were not completed satisfied with and wondering if they really made the "terrific deal" the salesperson emphatically told them they did. This resulted in the automotive salesperson to become the most untrusted person in the overall market place. Lawyers, the brunt of many jokes, were actually trusted more. These salesman took on a persona not unlike what you see below.
  Now the consumer has become wise to these "tactics" and utilizes the Internet to approach the car buying process and although they still shop the same amount of dealerships that they did before, they do it online, and they limit their actual physical visits to less than two! They are able to avoid the guy above and make inquiries and and negotiate the deals anonymously from their computer and narrow down their choices as well as eliminate those who continue to still act like the "old car dogs" of the past. In essence, pardon the pun, the consumer is in the drivers seat. It amazes one to see though how many dealers and salespeople who don't quite understand the transparency that the Internet consumer demands and simply moves on if they don't get it. One still wants to trust the person they are dealing with even if it is over the Internet.
  That is what drives us here at Newby Buick GMC . Without trust there is no foundation. Being a part of this community and doing business for 40 years didn't just happen. We listen to our customers and work towards earning their trust. We have been transparent in our dealings long before the Internet came along. Now that it's here, well, its made selling cars easier too. We simply conduct business on the Internet just the same we always have. We earn and keep the customers trust by being fair, honest, and exemplifying those traits that have made us a part of this community for forty years now. You won't find that guy shown above here at Newby Buick. Come "Experience the Difference" and let us earn your trust.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year or the Same Old Year

  Once again the new year is upon us. Statistics say many of us have already fudged on our resolutions, and some of us didn't even bother to make any whether in our minds or "real" ones that we wrote down on paper. So the question remains the same. Is it a new year or the same old one? That depends on us intrinsically as to whether we progress, regress, stagnate, or simply just plain grow older. Hopefully we will all strive for the progressing aspect of it so we just don't stagnate and grow old.
  We here at Newby Buick GMC have made a resolution to become the best community member we can be. After all we have been a member of this great community for 40 years now. Wow, four decades-that's a long time. By listening to our customers for that forty years has enabled us to build up a trust within the community that has been the wellspring of our success. Without that trust and our loyal customers it wouldn't matter if we were giving away cars we could never hope to be around for another forty years. That's just what we want to do too. We have the second generation running the show now and hope to have the third, fourth and so on do the same by staying involved in the community and holding it's trust.
  How are we going to accomplish this? The old fashioned way of course we are going to earn it. We have resolved to keep the customer first in all facets of our dealings with them. Whether they are interested in new cars, used cars, our service department our collision center or our parts department we have re-committed to providing them above and beyond service. Our facility is getting a face lift...
...simply in order to serve our customers better. Come see us and give us your feedback. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and interact with us and help us become a better community member than ever. One that is worthy of your trust.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Deck the Halls...

  Deck the hall with boughs of Holly...Lets hope this Holiday season is as joyful as the song implies. It has been hard times but we've been through them before and maybe looked a little worse for wear and tear but shucks...lesson learned. It seems these times have been trying our patience more than most we can remember. Yet, underneath there is a current of eternal hope.
  Yes, despite all the naysayers mankind will once again reach down into the depths and call on that spirit that binds us together in good times and bad. Just like the pioneering spirit of those who came  before us and endured so many more hardships than we ever have. From this came the community in its living spirit. It's instinctual in us and we all thrive with a good sense of community. From this springs the well of trust.
  In order to be a contributor to the community one has to both earn and extend this valuable commodity called trust. Communities grow, evolve, and solidify on this factor of trust. Community and Trust is something we here at Newby Buick GMC have learned from listening to customers for 40 years. We know this community of trust we all belong to will come together with us to reach out to all those less fortunate and make this Holiday bright by decking the halls with boughs of holly...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends and family who have supported us for 40 years!

The Newby's

Monday, December 12, 2011

Should I Buy or Lease My Next Car?

  If you are like many people, you may not understand the difference between leasing a car vs. purchasing a car. I didn't before I went into the automotive arena and even for a time afterwards I still wasn't sure how it really worked. There are many rumors that abound regarding this process and some have instilled fear into the prospective leasees. Let's talk about some of those and hopefully we can debunk some fears and misconceptions.
  One fear I continually hear from those who don't want to lease is "I knew someone who leased a car once and they hated it". When leasing first came around years ago the had what they called the "open end lease". The dealer didn't have to tell you what the price of the car was, what your interest rate (money factor on a lease-we will talk about that later) or even what your residual (the price you had to pay for the car at the end of the lease) was. They only had to get you to agree on a payment that may or may not fit into your budget. Many unscrupulous dealers would close their customer on a high payment that would allow them to actually lease you a vehicle way above the MSRP! The only thing they were required to disclose to you was the lease payment. They could play with your trade numbers, down payment, lease term, and price of the car.
  That practice is regulated now by law and is a thing of the past. Now a dealer must fully disclose all the numbers to include what you are paying for the car, how much down, what you are getting for your trade, the aforementioned money factor, and what your guaranteed residual (what you could buy the car for) was at the end of the lease term. It is important to note that all of these for the most part are negotiable too. On a lease you pay a money factor vs. an interest rate like you would on a finance purchase. To convert the money factor into an interest rate you can get an approximation by multiplying the money factor by 2400 (for example a money factor of .00205 x 2400=4.92-the equivalent interest rate is 4.92%)
  Another fear or comment is "I want to own my vehicle". Well if you are like most people and you finance a car you don't own it the bank does. With a lease you are paying for the portion, or the time, of the car that you are leasing. The result is that your payment is generally lower and you pay tax only on the lease payment amount, not the whole purchase price. Leases are best when kept to the shortest term available (I recommend no more than 36-39 months). This way you are usually covered by the vehicles factory warranty which can give you pretty much worry free driving. With the average comprehensive factory warranty being 3 years 36000 miles all inclusive warranty vs. the average finance term of 5.5 years you can guess who pays for repairs after that warranty runs out.
  At the end of a lease you the consumer have three (3) options. 1. If the car is worth more than your residual you have the right to sell that car on your own and pocket the difference or use it towards the lease (or purchase) of another vehicle. 2. If you absolutely love the car and want to keep it you can purchase it for the residual that was guaranteed up front (most dealers will be happy to arrange financing for you but you can arrange your own as well). 3. If the residual is higher than the market value you can simply turn the car in to the dealership and walk away. How many of you have been able to do this on a vehicle you purchased on a finance contract and find out when you are trying to trade it in only to find out you are "upside down"? The average car buyer like to trade or "get something new" every three years. Wouldn't it be nice to get a new vehicle every three years anyway?
  Leasing isn't for everyone by any means but can be advantageous for most and if your a business owner the benefits can be even better (check with your accountant). To find out is leasing is right for you you can take this simple test to find out. Next time you consider that next vehicle purchase be sure though to look into leasing.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I know that January is almost over, but we are coming off a great December and a sold begining this year.  We could use some inventory.  If you would like to sell your vehicle or know someone who does give Bob Lucas a call:  702-884-8294

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Newby Buick GMC in St George Utah is now a Wildwood Trailer & Fifth Wheel Dealer!

Newby Buick GMC in St George, Utah who have been proudly serving the Southern Utah and Nevada areas for four decades with their Buick and GMC sales and service are proud to announce the edition of Wildwood Trailers and Fifth Wheels. Wildwood Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels are a phenomenal blend of quality workmanship, superior durability, and an unbeatable value. Much of the Wildwood's offered by Newby Buick GMC appeal are the features that lie under the surface. From wall, floor, chassis, and roof construction, to the high quality interior appliances and fabrics, Wildwood travel trailers are built to last through the seasons.

Wildwood Trailers and Fifth Wheels holds value as a top priority that's why they include a long list of standard equipment at a very competitive price. Since all of Newby Buick GMC's customers are unique, Wildwood offers an extensive option list so they can be customized to fit your specific needs. Newby Buick GMC in St George, Utah also carries a great selection of quality preowned trailers, fifth wheels, and RV's and are sure to have one that meets your needs and always at the most competitive price.

Newby Buick has an in store trailer and fifth wheel expert that can answer all your questions and address them in real time. Contact Dan Humphries at ow you the Newby Buick GMC and have him show you the quality of Wildwood Trailers and Fifth Wheels. You can get Dan at 800.748.4624 or on his cell at 435.862.7589.

Newby Buick GMC
St George, Utah

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Newby Buick GMC is proud to announce Enclave Earns Top 5-Star Safety Rating

    The 2011 Buick Enclave available at Newby Buick GMC in St George Utah has earned a five-star crash-test rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), further building on the luxury crossover’s leading safety rating record.

The Enclave previously received the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick signifying best- possible “Good” ratings in frontal offset, side and rear crash tests.

Enclave was tested under NHTSA’s new rating system, implemented this fall for the 2011 model year. The new rating is based on more rigorous frontal and side crash tests in addition to rollover resistance testing. Under the new system, these three test conditions are combined mathematically into an “Overall Vehicle Score.”   Under this methodology, the Enclave achieved an overall vehicle score of five stars – the highest rating possible - even though several individual tests resulted in four-star ratings.

“Earning five stars under the new rating system is an impressive feat – one that clearly demonstrates the strength of Enclave’s advanced structure, overall crashworthiness and effectiveness of its state-of-the-art safety technologies,” said Jeff Boyer, General Motors executive director of vehicle safety.

Enclave has a comprehensive safety system designed to protect passengers before, during and after a crash. Standard safety-enhancing features include a StabiliTrak electronic stability control system with rollover mitigation technology,  Panic Brake Assist and OnStar Automatic Crash Notification.

Enclave is equipped with six standard air bags: two dual-stage frontal air bags, two seat-mounted side-impact air bags in the first row and two roof rail-mounted head curtain side air bags that cover all three seating rows. Complementing the air bags is GM’s rollover sensing system, which activates the head curtain side air bags if sensors determine an imminent rollover. Additionally, first-row positions feature safety belt pretensioners with load limiters, which activate at the moment of a crash to take up slack in the safety belt and tailor the safety belt load to the severity of the crash.

“Enclave excels in providing leading-edge safety performance,” said Jim Chandra, Enclave marketing manager. “This is what Enclave customers demand as they tend to be early adopters of new safety features.”

The Panic Brake Assist activates when an emergency braking maneuver is detected. The system automatically develops additional brake pressure to more quickly engage ABS, potentially reducing overall stopping distance by eliminating the delay that can occur if a driver does not brake hard enough and/or soon enough.

All Buicks available at Newby Buick in St George Utah, including Enclave, are equipped with segment-exclusive OnStar which features the Automatic Crash Response System. If a crash activates an air bag, the system automatically notifies an OnStar advisor who immediately calls the vehicle and/or summons emergency help.

About Newby Buick GMC

Newby Buick in St George Utah is a offering vehicles with sculpted designs, luxurious interiors with thoughtful personal technologies, along with responsive-yet-efficient performance. Buick is attracting new customers with its portfolio of award-winning models, including the Enclave crossover, LaCrosse sedan and Regal sport sedan. Serving St George, Las Vegas, and the southern Utah & Nevada communities for four decades Newby Buick GMC, can handle all your Buick, GMC, as well as factory service on all GM products.

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