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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year or the Same Old Year

  Once again the new year is upon us. Statistics say many of us have already fudged on our resolutions, and some of us didn't even bother to make any whether in our minds or "real" ones that we wrote down on paper. So the question remains the same. Is it a new year or the same old one? That depends on us intrinsically as to whether we progress, regress, stagnate, or simply just plain grow older. Hopefully we will all strive for the progressing aspect of it so we just don't stagnate and grow old.
  We here at Newby Buick GMC have made a resolution to become the best community member we can be. After all we have been a member of this great community for 40 years now. Wow, four decades-that's a long time. By listening to our customers for that forty years has enabled us to build up a trust within the community that has been the wellspring of our success. Without that trust and our loyal customers it wouldn't matter if we were giving away cars we could never hope to be around for another forty years. That's just what we want to do too. We have the second generation running the show now and hope to have the third, fourth and so on do the same by staying involved in the community and holding it's trust.
  How are we going to accomplish this? The old fashioned way of course we are going to earn it. We have resolved to keep the customer first in all facets of our dealings with them. Whether they are interested in new cars, used cars, our service department our collision center or our parts department we have re-committed to providing them above and beyond service. Our facility is getting a face lift...
...simply in order to serve our customers better. Come see us and give us your feedback. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and interact with us and help us become a better community member than ever. One that is worthy of your trust.


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